John Lennon's Lost Weekend A Bender To End All Benders

Written by Reed Terry
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John Lennon, an English rock musician was a singer, song writer as well as an actor who became famous as one of the founding members of The Beatles. Some of his most famous solo hits were songs such as Imagine and Give Peace a Chance. This article is about Lennon’s relationship with May Pang, his one time assistant. John later termed this relationship with Pang as his Lost Weekend.

In June 1973, Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono decided that she and Lennon should end their relationship she suggested to Lennon that he should start dating May Pang. May Pang was then the personal assistant of both John and Ono. May Pang dated Lennon during his Lost Weekend in New York (1973-1975). At that time, John had already left The Beatles (1969) and May Pang claims that it was her intention during their relationship to reunite Lennon with his separated writing partner Paul McCartney and starting The Beatles again. There were reports that John was depressed, isolated and always in a drunkard state during the 18 months he lived with May Pang and she has been fighting for the last 28 years against these reports. Even Lennon himself further supported this impression by referring to the period as his Lost Weekend in an interview he gave in 1980. There were even striking stories heard from various sources about eviction of Lennon from the Troubadour, a nightclub in LA. But May Pang insists that Lost Weekend (the period between 1973 & 1975) was an extremely creative time for Lennon’s musical career. During this time, John completed three albums – Mind Games, Walls and Bridges and Rock ‘n’ Roll, and produced albums for Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson. He also recorded with Elton John, David Bowie and Mick Jagger. Pang had released her memoir Loving John in 1983 in which she had detailed all these experiences including the Troubadour incident and many other dark moments.

Now May Pang has returned with photographic confirmation. Her new book, Instamatic Karma (taken from Lennon’s song Instant Karma) is a collection of casual photos that she took during her relationship with Lennon. It’s a 140-page book from St. Martin’s Press. With these photos she wanted to get rid of whole Lost Weekend thing, where everyone insists that John was always drunk and down. The photos tells a different story altogether. In these pictures John seems happy and relaxed. There are some very lovely photos of John spending time with his first son Julian. He is also seen spending some great time with his famous friends Paul McCartney, Nilsson, Starr and Keith Moon. There are photos showing him clowning around on Central Park, enjoying himself in Disney World, swimming in Long Island Sound and working at the recording studio. In Cynthia Lennon’s, John’s first wife, words They are personal and unique and very touching. She specially flew from Mallorca, Spain to New York to be the host of May Pang’s publication party in New York.

The book Instamatic Karma is arranged by subject with four chapters titled At Home, At Work, At Play and Away. The book captured one famous event and that one was the break up of The Beatles partnership on Dec 29, 1974. The reactions received to the book are amazing and May Pang is hardly complaining.

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