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Peter and Gordon were at number one, Mary Quant was designing, and the Biba bug was just about to hit. May was also when one of the biggest clashes in history took place on the south east coast. Two stab wound victims, hundreds injured and fifty-one were arrested. The culprits ? Mods and Rockers of course.. The Guardian of that day said, “Battles between adolescent, only point of difference appeared to be their dress”.

Perhaps we could argue that 1964 was when the youth found their style, before the 60’s teen hood wasn’t even considered, it was kids clothes or adult clothes. It wasn’t just about global fashion but it was the first time music was shown to have an influence on fashion.

While the media was feeding the public with false information causing a ‘moral panic due to the youth’, a revolution was happening on the British streets and high streets.At a time where America had lost the domination on musical influence, British music had exploded with originality, and became the soundtrack to the youth generation. The two main 60’s fashions took place with either Mod or Rockers.

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Mods, the slim fit smart clothing with DIY details; a mod in a suit with a Vespa became iconic. While women wore Aline two pieces with hush puppies. The Rockers however sided for a leather look biker style.

Mod fashion still lives on today, not as much as the 60’s Carnaby street days but enough to influenced youths still today, seen relived by The Metros, and iconic brands such as Merc and Fred Perry are still expanding in popularity.

Without May 1964, the youth may not have had a voice? We may not have had the punk and grunge fad (that would have been for the best mind you), and one thing is for sure without May 1964 music may not have influenced fashion like guy liner and bad band hair in the 80’s, now that’s one thing I’m glad to have seen

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©Words: Abigail Stephenson/ZANI

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