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Anyone else find it interesting that within every recession you soon find the ‘we buy unwanted gold people pop up ' coincidence or something sinister going down?

I prefer to keep an open mind, but I will look into why this happens and why now?

After every boom, there is a bust; we know this, because it’s designed this way. They, the elitists draw the middle classes into the mix by snaring them to part with their life savings on over valued property and the like.

So while they spend their hard earned cash on soon to be worthless items, they can then hit them where it hurts by offering to buy all their gold and silver that they may have stored over many a moon, and give them in return worthless paper money. Yes you heard me right, worthless paper money in the shape of pounds, dollars, euros.

You see gold and silver is the real wealth, not the worthless paper that we have been led to believe.

Going back to the start of time, Gold and Silver are the only currencies that mattered on this planet, but as we all know, they are in short supply, and we have been conned into believing paper printed by a central bank, is the real deal.

Oh no it isn’t.

Because when the money markets collapse, and they will, what are we all left with eh?


And where is the gold and silver that we parted with in 2008-2011 you guessed it, back in the hands of the elite

And what will they do with it?

They will make us pay a hundred times the price for any goods, in fact, without gold and silver, we may as well be mere slaves – ding!

And therefore we arrive at the end game

Commodity money shall return and representative money shall cease

If we remain ignorant of history, we are doomed to repeating its mistake

© - Paul Gallagher/ ZANI Media

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