A Brief Profile of Martin Zimmerman and a Review of The Series: Puerta 7

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Puerta 7 is a vigorous and intertwining crime and sports drama created by Martin Zimmerman. Known globally as a writer for Narcos, a successful Netflix crime drama about the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar, and the US DEA trying to bring down the Cali Cartel.

Zimmerman is also the story Editor for Ozark, another hugely successful Netflix crime drama about an all American family forced to relocate from Chicago to Ozark when the husband, Martin "Marty" Byrde (Jason Bateman; Arrested Development, Horrible Bosses) a financial advisor to some unsavoury clients, and his firm has been caught skimming from a Mexican drug cartel boss but Byrde and his family’s lives are spared if he can launder 500 million dollars within five years for the rather annoyed Don. The Byrde’s soon find themselves involved in the local manufacturing and distribution of drugs, as well as other criminal enterprises.

A Brief Profile of Martin Zimmerman ozark

Simple and effective plots, yet complex due to the drama’s social and political landscapes, and the human interaction associated within the narcotic industry, from the manufacturers (the cartels) to the agents trying to arrest them. Furthermore, with Narcos and Ozark, character development and understanding their dialogue and behaviour, especially their greed, is required for the plots to unfold and keep the viewers interested. These productions are conscientious, yet with plenty of suspense and action, so all in all well-balanced shows.

Zimmerman certainly brings his skills as an award-winning playwright to Narcos and Ozark, as the plots of his plays are intriguing, to say the least. Debut, Seven Spots on The Sun, (2009) a performance about a Latin American Village destroyed by an unknown plague, with a doctor who, prior to the plague, refuses to see any patients, only to discover during this fatal hardship, that he has been blessed with healing hands. The Making of a Modern Folk Hero (2011), a piece about a publicity stunt involving a fake superhero by a local councillor that goes wrong, with live actors and shadow puppets, to give the impression of a live graphic novel that studies how fear makes people yearn for Superheroes. Thought-provoking storylines, that cover human emotions and actions, fear, reluctance, worship, and discovery. Themes that are paramount in Narcos and Ozark.

A Brief Profile of Martin Zimmerman profile

Martin Zimmerman

Zimmerman, of multi-ethnic origin, I presume there is some South American heritage there. In addition, Zimmerman is fluent in Spanish and English and has returned to Latin America, the setting of his first play, to present an entrenched study of a group of Buenos Aires Ultra’s, the Puerta 7.

Puerta 7 is not the South American equivalent to Green Street, or such like, as the show goes beyond the life of these supporters, their culture and surroundings, as much of the plot is about their relationship with a football club, and the infrastructure of the club itself.

The club is the fictional, Ferroviarios (Futbol)  Football Club, with the symbol of a railway worker, as their Ferroviarios emblem means railway or railway worker in Spanish. The partisan ultras go under the name of Puerta 7, which translates into Gate 7, as this is the entrance that these fans enter for all their home games.

A Brief Profile of Martin Zimmerman casuals

Puerta 7 is led by Lomito (Carlos Belloso), a middle-aged man, who loves the classic British casual terrace look of the early eighties, designer tracksuit top, polo shirt (football top on match days)  and trainers. Not only is Lomito, Puerta 7’s ‘top boy’, he is also a successful entrepreneur and businessman, from being a drug dealer to a sports agent, as he tries to get a kid from the street into Ferroviarios’ first team.

At the start of episode one Lomito is stabbed at their famous gate. The attacker, a young man dressed like a modern white Rasta, is pursued by Puerta 7 second in command Fabian (Esteban Lamothe). When the attacker is caught, he is attacked repeatedly by Fabian and his ultras.

This violent act is witnessed, by Diana (Dolores Fonzi), a non-governmental organisation lawyer, whose family has a share in Ferroviarios football club, as she oversees the neighbourhood kids create a mural to brighten up the place.

Ferroviarios is a headache for the owner, Guillermo, (Antonio Grimau) as the team is in financial dire straits, who turns to the team’s general manager Santiago (Juan Gil Navarro), for advice and consultation during these troubled times. Yet Guillermo does not know that Santiago is close to Lomito who through the club, is able to run his criminal empire, to which Santiago is financially rewarded well.

Yet the stabbing, even though Lomito survived, has given the club more unwanted press. So, Guillermo, knowing that Diana and her family have a pure love for Ferroviarios Football Club, asks her to become head of security so she can stamp out the violence and drug deals in order to make the club proud again. Without hesitation, Diana accepts his offer, as she shares his sentiment.

A Brief Profile of Martin Zimmerman futbol

Meanwhile, in the nearby streets of Ferroviarios Football Club, Mario (Nacho Quesada), a nice and naïve kid with a low paying job as a waiter at the local pizzeria, who accepts his life until his father (Daniel Valenzuela) is beaten up by two local rogue twins. The hooligans steal his van, which Mario’s father uses to buy and sell scrap metal. Annoyed and scared, Mario turns to Fabian for help, which could more costly than just regretfully accepting the circumstances, as you feel Fabian will manipulate Mario into becoming a member of Puerta 7.

Zimmerman certainly sets the tone in episode one of Puerta 7, decay; the football club and some of the fans, a cautionary tale; Marco, deception; Fabian and a beacon of hope; Diana.

Puerto 7 has a powerful and dramatic start to a drama that only gets more insightful and thrilling with each episode. You may not like some of the characters, as some of them you would avoid like the plague yet, due to Zimmerman and his team, you are intrigued by them, which makes compelling viewing.

So, if you are a fan of Narcos, Ozark or similar gritty crime dramas, or football films, like The Firm, Away Days, Damned United, you will enjoy Puerto 7.

A Brief Profile of Martin Zimmerman poster

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