Gio Goi 1988 Collection

Written by JR Hartley
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Gio Goi is back, back on the shelves, in the clubs and on the streets as it releases its new range of clothing. But probably the most significant thing about its return is the fact its back in the hands of the guys who gave it us the first time round, The Donnelly brothers.

It was Anthony and Christopher Donnelly who went from staging Manchester's first ever illegal acid house party 'Sweat It Out' to forming Gio Goi and dressing the likes of The Happy Mondays and 808 State as well as launching such collections as the 'Too Much Rock'n'Roll' collection fronted by Pete Doherty. As one of the 90's most definitive UK clothing labels it was a lot later on when Gio Goi was for a period of time taken over by high street retail giants, which saw it bottom out and move away from the quality and creative style the label was renowned for.

Back in The day - Gio Goi creators The Donnelly Brothers


And so, back with the labels founders also means back to that classic Gio Goi logo which put it on the map back in 88, during the climax of the acid house movement - something which it celebrates with the new '88 collection' featuring the designs and slogans which were inspired during acid house and brought the label its celebrated notoriety on the counter culture scene. But its referencing the original logo with a new and contemporary range of casual/athletic ware which gives a nod and wink to the glory of Gio Goi while keeping it fresh with todays latest fit's and styles - a clever twist on a classic logo.

This Includes the 'Classic' collection featuring jackets, T's, hoodies, jumpers as well as caps and hats, and most importantly all made to that quality standard the label was known and loved for. Going through the new clothing line several pieces stand out, and maybe its all about the return to that original logo and the new line of versions of it which brings a whole new vibe and energy about Gio Goi. Like this new Gio Goi sweatshirt with the over sized inverted half logo/with large back print (below) which really kinda showcases the labels new range really well.


For the '88' collection its all about the brands now celebrated slogans of the days of acid house, remember the 'Fucked Up Range', or the 'Drug Free' design.. how about the Gio Goi definitive 'To Those Dodging The Rain 'n' Bullets' slogan (below). Well they're back, and all made to that same standard the Donnelly produced Gio Goi is known and respected for, upheld as a fine fitting quality made product as well as for its creativeness and inspired slogans. Ranging in several colours with the optional back print logo's, go check the full '88' collection out on their website.

Gio Goi also release a whole range of caps, hats and glasses too, all featuring the new logo designs, go to ASOS and check it out! Also available on Psyche Fashion and Very

Go to the Gio Goi website -


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JR Hartley

JR Hartley

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