An Ode to Paul Weller

Written by Gabbie Cabbie AR
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Paul Weller the King of Mod has reigned for 40 odd years,Since back in the days of stay-pressed trousers and a dodgy pair of flares.
From The Jam to The Style Council to the solo artist as He is right now,Maturing like a vintage wine the Guvnor shows the youngsters how. 

He's affected the sound to wake up a Nation with his God given gift,
And upon the stage he's energetic and vibrant he puts in one hell of a shift. 
He strums his strings likes he's an extension of his finely tuned guitar,
And belts out his songs his babies that he brings to life I'm sure that's what they are. 

This quintessential English gent and fashion icon bares his heavy soul and heart
With his autobiographical song writing techniques that were evident from the start.
He's always one for pushing the boundaries not one for standing still,
His pen goes into overdrive in the midnight hour with a dash of fire and skill. 

Aim High he said well he's hit those highs but has he been truly revered,
His 're inventions occasionally frowned upon though they've always been self steered. 
The journey he's made through turbulent times ain't stopped him marching on,
When most of his early day compatriots are either washed up dead and gone.
From Stanley Road via Carnaby Street to Wardour Streets walls that witnessed all,
That's the uncompleted adventures of this Working class hero who was hastily registered John William whose name was changed to Paul. 

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Gabbie Cabbie AR

Gabbie Cabbie AR

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