Abusive Companies Won’t Be Forgotten When This is Over

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Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Piers Morgan has slammed 'disgusting' Sports Direct for increasing prices amid the coronavirus crisis. However, it is coming to light that sleazeball Mike Ashley is not the only capitalist penny pincher profiting from vulnerable members of society in what is becoming tough economic times.

Ryanair has suspended all flights until May under government advice; however, the budget airline has come under much scrutiny online for making it as difficult as possible for the consumer to get a refund. Ryanair's twitter timeline is becoming filled with stranded passengers requesting support and passengers unable to get refunds because 'their system is down'. The cancellations could affect thousands of passengers, who are left uncertain about their funds that are currently sitting in Ryanair's account whose revenue is €7.151 billion.

It is not the first criticism Ryanair has faced. Ryanair faced criticism for allegedly forcing pilots to pay tens of thousands of euros for training. Then establish limited companies in Ireland to have the pilots work for Ryanair through an agency. As well as forcing ground staff in Spain to open bank accounts in Gibraltar. In which to receive their wages. In May 2014, Ryanair's office in Marseille was raided by French police investigating complaints that the company was failing to follow French employment law. Ryanair protested about the raid. In May 2015, the Mayor of Copenhagen announced a boycott of Ryanair. This came in the wake of protests from Danish unions regarding employment conditions. After a court trial confirmed the unions' right to strike, Ryanair then moved its bases out of Denmark. On 10 August 2018, pilots of Ryanair in Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands walked out for 24 hours, leaving 400 flights canceled, as is considered to be one of the most significant strikes over pay issues. So, it comes as no surprise that the airline has also come under heavy criticism for its poor treatment of disabled passengers.

Another company violating disabled passengers in a time of crisis is Lastminute.com and it’s greased up CEO Marco Corradino. In a time of financial uncertainty where people are no longer getting paid, and family members are becoming sick, Lastminute.com are also hiding behind their policies and procedures to hold onto vulnerable individuals' money.

A self-employed woman awaiting treatment with a neurologist for a potential Brain Tumor is refused a refund because she cannot provide a 'not fit to travel letter'. After all, hospitals, care workers and Doctor Surgeries are under the cosh with Convid- 19. The woman who is awaiting treatment already has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is having her mental ill-health exacerbated by Capitalist bully boys in suits, despite providing other medical evidence to assist her claim.

In a time when the world is coming together to help and support each other, sadly, there will always be those who are prepared to profit at the expense of the vulnerable from their offshore nontax paying bank accounts, as Sports Direct, Wetherspoons, Ryanair, and Lastminute.com have already demonstrated. Surely, in such times of uncertainty, Sports Direct, Wetherspoons, Ryanair, and Lastminute.com should show compassion and humanity and assist its clientele in these scary times because when all of this is over it will come back to hurt them, where it will hurt them most, their pockets.

There has already been a massive mortality rate with people unexpectedly losing loved ones suddenly, and there are expected to be more fatalities. The ones who stepped up to care for their employees and customers will be recognised and so will those who abused their positions. A quick look at Lastminute.com’s twitter feed tells you everything you need to know regarding how they violate The Consumer Act.

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