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The coronavirus has brought out the worst and the best in society. The NHS is showing themselves to be real heroes by putting their own lives at risk for others and Great Britain showed it's appreciation with the 'clap for carers' on Thursday 26th March. However, the morning after one North London community was left devastated when a vulnerable resident tragically took his own life.

Only last week ZANI reported that in a time when the world is coming together to help and support each other companies should show compassion and humanity and assist its clientele in these scary times because when all of this is over it will come back to hurt them, where it will hurt them most, their pockets.

In these unprecedented times, it has been suggested that local businesses may struggle. However, two local companies stood up to show their compassion and support for their community. Greens of Highgate and Melrose and London donated beautiful food parcels to be handed to vulnerable and elderly residents on a North London Estate. Last week Sam Monaghan, the chief executive of MHA said "The adult social care sector must not be treated as the poor relation of the NHS," which has recorded nine confirmed deaths from coronavirus in its homes, with many more suspected.

However, residents on the North London Estate were left 'heartfelt' after the donations. One elderly man cried when he received his parcel, a resident called Geraldine was left speechless (which is unusual for Geraldine), whilst another said he had had no food for a week. Some residents were too scared to open the door but shouted thank you through the letterbox. Another resident said he had a bat behind the door (there's always a tricky one), and his parcel was also left on the doorstep.

melrose and morgan 002

Thank you Greens of Highgate and Melrose and Morgan for your lovely donations. It won't be forgotten and thank you for trusting me with the enjoyable mission of giving them out to residents.

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