How Bingo Has Kept Its Place at the Forefront of Contemporary Culture

Written by JR Hartley
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The rules of the game

Bingo’s charm is in its simplicity. The rules are accessible and easy to understand for players of all ages, and this has made the game’s transition to being enjoyed online relatively straightforward.

Players are allocated their own game card and mark off their numbers as they are announced by the bingo caller, or, online, revealed by the game's digital system. There are different ways to win, and the rules alter slightly depending on which country you’re in, but the fundamentals are usually the same – match as many numbers as you can.

Because the game is so simple, it’s easy for online developers to add customisations to keep things fresh and exciting. For example, titles like Crown Gems and Thai Flower can be found at Both have five reels and ten play lines, a fairly standard slot set up. But the former its glittering theme draws on the famously glamourous imagery of gemstones to draw in players, while the latter offers a sense of escapism conjuring up images of a far-off paradise.

Games that are more complex, with more complicated rules, such as poker, baccarat or backgammon, require cleaner, simpler interfaces. This makes customization trickier, which is one of the reasons that bingo games are so numerous online.

Casual play

Bingo has also remained popular due to the emergence of the so-called casual game. This new genre perfectly matches the qualities of bingo, allowing it to win further fans during recent years.

Casual games are perfect for enjoyment on the go, such as on the train to work or while on the way to somewhere more exciting, and are very much the antithesis of traditional modern titles, which often require intense strategizing, quick reactions and no shortage of skill. Industry predictions suggest that casual games will continue to play a key role in the broader gaming industry. A list of the top titles in the genre at includes ports of popular console titles, such as Super Mario Run and Call of Duty.

Casual games have responded to a particular demand from players who aren’t seeking to be challenged but are instead searching for an entertaining way to pass the time. Bingo slots perfectly into this picture, helping the game remain relevant and popular.

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So, while perceptions of bingo as an old-fashioned hobby will likely endure for decades to come, the game online is actually very much at the forefront where online entertainment is concerned and playing a key role in a sector worth billions.

The simple way in which the game is played and the way it matches seamlessly with the growing culture of casual gaming has helped cement it as a common feature of app stores and websites across Android and iPhone platforms
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JR Hartley

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