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Written by Matteo Sedazzari
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Husky Loops is a young Italian band, Pier Danio Forni Jr, Pietro Garrone and Tommaso Medica from Bologna,
a city famous for appetising Bolognese food and the first and oldest University, the University of Bologna built 1088 AD, Santo Stefano Basilica (The Seven Churches) and much more with an affiliation to traditional left-wing politics. Forni Jr, Garrone and Medica decided that if they were going to make it they would have to ply their in trade in London, a city famous for pie and mash , The Tower of London, The London Eye and much more, with an affiliation to traditional right -wing politics, which comes in the guise of Mayor Boris Johnson and, of course, London is famed for its music, the list is endless of the many great acts that came from or made it in London. It’s just a shame that London, especially if Johnson has his way, will lose this heritage. However, if the people i.e. us, the punters, the promoters, online and print magazines and the bands keep the music alive, then Johnson will not beat us. Furthermore, if young Italians are willing to leave their beautiful home town then it shows the Old Smoke has still got its magic. Creating a minor buzz, especially by all accounts in East London, Husky Loops could be very much a band to watch out for in 2016, with raw upbeat , melodic and pop sensibility sound, well-crafted tunes from talented musicians, with a dapper sixties dress sense to match. So at ZANI we decided to chat to these ‘young dudes’…….

ZANI – You have an album and single coming out, what are they both called, tell us about the sound and what do you expect from them?

Husky Loops - The album doesn’t have a title yet, it’s a new big step for us but something we’ve always wanted to do. It’s going to be physical, you’ll be able to touch it, it’s going to sound like us, well produced and representative of how we are now. Something that can show what we are like in our rehearsal room as well as live, a mixture of different sounds and ideas merging together into one.

The single is called “Dead”, it is out now and we’re sure people who are tired of rock music will dig our sound.

ZANI - It’s out on Tiny Factory, are they are a supportive label?

Husky Loops - Tiny Factory is a collective of friends trying to make music and art projects better by working together. The aim is to support each other in all aspects of creation, production and distribution. It is passion for quality and friendship: it allows us to stay away from the marketing talk as much as possible, and stay real. So far it’s a beautiful experiment.

ZANI – Nice one, OK, The Husky Loops, good name, tell us about the origin of the name and how you boys came about?

Husky Loops - We’d been discussing names for ages. We liked the idea of “loops” referring to samples of electronic music, the concept of repeated loops. We then tried for about a year to find a name that no one else had on the planet. Succeeded, we win.

ZANI - Am I right in saying you are from Bologna, Italy? Tell us a bit of what you love and hate about your hometown?

Husky Loops - Technically yes, we are all from Bologna, we emigrated from Italy to the UK. But basically we are a London band, we formed in London and the London scene is completely different from Bologna’s. So I would say Husky Loops, the project, is from London.

Bologna is an amazing city; the ice cream, the art scene, the culture, there isn’t much we could really hate about it.

ZANI – Yea, I like Bologna. How long have you been living in London, whereabouts, and what do you love and hate about the Old Smoke (London)?

Husky Loops - We are like butter baby, spreadable. We love English roofs, they look incredible….can’t believe the back cover of Led Zeppelin IV is real. We hate that it's so damn expensive, something really wrong is going on around here...

ZANI – London is certainly expensive, what is your favourite Serie A football team, favourite Premiership team?

Husky Loops - We don’t have a TV and watching football online is illegal.

ZANI - That never stopped me, before I got BT Sports. I love your description of Husky Loops on your FaceBook page, care to share it with ZANI?

Husky Loops - This is our band description. This is a long phrase about our sound full of evocative but meaningless adjectives. This is the sentence that obscurely refers to some suffered songwriting and to some heroic performances we might or might not have actually performed. This is the part in which we name random bands hoping to seem cool just by association. This is the final sentence in which we beg you to listen to us because we crave to be heard to confirm our insecurities, covered with a layer of worn out we-don't-care attitude.

ZANI – Good words, your influences are good and varied, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Jack White, Drenge, J Dilla, Plain Chocolate, Calibro 35, Verdena, Q-Tip, 10CC, without being too long, what do you like about these artists?

Husky Loops - You ask about music, we go deep, sorry:

The Beatles, they’re like our alphabet, you can speak other languages knowing the same alphabet right? The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds, full stop. Jack White is just incredible, we love how he takes care of every single tiny aspect of his art, pushing the analogue format constantly forward, that just means so much for everyone who really loves music. We played with Drenge in Bristol; I guess that’s why they are there. J D changed the way we see rhythms, Plain Chocolate is a sexy duo and she is a very talented amazing songwriter, Calibro 35 and Verdena are part of our Italian musical background and we brought them with us in our valigia. Q tip is the groove and 10cc represents the love for careful production intertwined with silliness and intelligence in arrangement and songwriting.

ZANI – I get that, what about your look, you remind me of the sixties band Cream, and I mean that as a compliment.

Husky Loops - Great band, but we didn’t think we have a look, it must just be Danio’s haircut...

ZANI - Tell us about your favourite instruments? I see you use a Hofner bass, very Paul McCartney.

Husky Loops - That instrument has an amazing vintage sound that works well when mixed with more experimental instrumentation. We love the varispeed on tape machines; you can go really fast and really slow. Also drums are nice.

ZANI - What current bands or artists do you like?

Husky Loops - We like a lot of different stuff: Piper Cox, Count Counsellor, Wardance, Them Blends, Kendrick Lamar, Savages, Fuzz, this list could go on...

ZANI- The British music industry seems to be quite dire at the moment, without being negative, how do you view the industry ?

Husky Loops - You’re not being negative, you’re being realistic. One of the reasons why we set up the collective "Tiny Factory" with a bunch of other artists is because we don’t care about the industry anymore; we aren’t really trying to understand it. It is negative itself and it doesn’t represent us at all. Regarding the “rock" industry which, unfortunately, is where we would be categorised, rock and indie-rock bands coming out of England are very lame, boring, they have no message, they don’t risk anything and this is not what rock’n’roll is about at all. We need to take more risks, we need to sign bands making fresh music.

ZANI- Listened to Esque and Space in Between, best way to describe them is intelligent rock n roll, a lot of thought has gone into the writing and in producing them, tell us about your songwriting, do you write in a quiet room or a crowded pub?

Husky Loops - It’s really interesting that you say this because, “Esque” and “Space in Between” are basically jams, we played both songs live in the studio and they were both born there. We got “Space in Between” in one take and we’d never played it before. You are right though, we spent a bit of time mixing them and post-producing them, overdubbing guitars and vocals and making the whole thing sound like this lively, breathing messy room. We don’t have a writing method, it is quite common for Danio to come in the room with a song and a production idea or a vision for it but we always play everything all together, stuff changes… We have this song called “Jam”, that we recorded with our phone that started out from nothing, we don’t even remember how we wrote it, it just happened, quite a magical moment. We listened to it and it was basically finished.

ZANI - Which do you prefer, recording or gigging ?

Husky Loops - Really, really different things. We love both. Recording is very fascinating though, pure adrenaline mixed with moments of extreme intimacy, if you’re distracted you just fuck everything up. 

ZANI - Favourite song you have recorded and favourite gig so far?

Husky Loops - A song called "The Man" was great, the classic song you would re-do over and over, it sends you mad. Another one that is temporarily named “Alien” was drum-crazy. Also being in RAK Studio 1 with our friend Bendik was surreal. Bussey Building was probably the best gig played, amazing vibe, we love the whole block. Shame someone is trying to convert it into flats now, hopefully it won’t happen, that would destroy everything happening in there?

ZANI - Plans for 2016 and beyond?

Husky Loops - Playing and recording, writing new music and promoting our music, this in loop.

ZANI - Outside of music, what other interests do you have ? I presume art is one, as you do your own art work.

Husky Loops - We are very much in our own bubble thinking mostly of sounds, visuals, loops. Art, definitely, our drummer takes care of all the graphics, he’s into art.

ZANI - Sum up the spirit and soul of Husky Loops?

Husky Loops - «“¥’¥~‹÷´`≠¡ˆåß∂ƒ∞∆ªªº¬@@#¶≤∑†©√∫˜µ…

ZANI - Final question, if you could bring one musician back from the dead to perform with you, who would it be and why?

Husky Loops - Our single “Dead” is about a friend we had, a poet and performer who died when we were living in Bologna. He used to do these crazy performances screaming stuff that would shock people. It would be quite mental to sing the song with him now, especially given that it is about his death. We hope he would like the song. We hope you’ll like it too.

ZANI – Beautiful, I am sure he will. 

Husky Loops FaceBook Page

Husky Loops Official Site

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