WORLDS FORGOTTEN SONS: Cherry Cola Kingsland Road Dalston

Written by Tracey Wilmot
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Its Saturday evening and I pop into a new venue in Dalston- or at least new to me, to see if it really lives up to its rock n roll name Cherry Cola.
The flyer for the venue promotes a passion for the sort of music I'm rather partial to namely Motown, soul and rock n roll and for a mere fiver you can expect some live bands and a DJ.

My ears also pricked up by the fact that a band I'm hearing lots of good things about were also playing tonight. "Worlds Forgotten Sons" have recently emerged on the live circuit and there has been a distinctive buzz surrounding this group. I was privileged to hear some of their studio recordings and rather fell in love with some of the tunes. Could the band nail it live I wondered?

I arrive at 10pm as the doors are opening and enter a lively little club with a retro vibe, it has the impression of sweaty clubs of the 60s but without the sweat- in fact surprisingly fragrant. The loos were immaculate and even had soap and mirrors-rare indeed for most of the venues I frequent I can tell you. The walls are bedecked with stylish iconic images and Beatles movies are projected onto the back wall of the smallish stage. I order a JD and coke and wait for the show to start. The DJ opens the evening with a series of tracks from The Yardbirds, New York Dolls and Bowie and while folks cling to seats and walls my toes are tapping, 'whatever happened to dancing I wonder'? I make a note to return with dancing shoes next time.

So the band arrive on stage to a tumultuous welcome from an enthusiastic crowd who seemed to have appeared from nowhere, the place is rammed and cheers and a lot of whooping proceed the first number. The next 30 minutes was simply mesmerising! Every track is delivered with utter brilliance, the songs are anthemic and memorable and instantly catchy, the vocals delivered with such passion and energy it cant help but ignite the audience. Suddenly everyone is on their feet and everyone is smiling, like we all just won the lottery.

Particular stand out songs were 1987, Sleep (here with me) City Lights, Stuck and the brilliant opening number Jonny and the Jones. But there's more to the performance it's not just the great song writing but there is something magical about the delivery as though one is witnessing greatness. The guitarists have their own unique delivery and stance and are beautifully stylish, I couldn't keep my eyes off them. I imagine this is how Alan McGee may have felt when he first saw Oasis perform-it was pretty special. The audience literally went wild at the end of the set chanting "ONE MORE SONG!” for several minutes-but the DJ unfortunately wouldn’t budge. So there endeth a great moment. A least for now.

After the show I get a moment to catch up with the lads and I'm told they have a debut album about to be launched produced by Grammy award winner producer Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios. I think in times of crisis what we need is music to lift the soul-and I felt really moved by what I heard last night, plus they don't sound like anyone else-and I like that. A rare find in the mire of the X factor generation.
So if you like guitars, great lyrics and good old rock n roll let me introduce you to Worlds Forgotten Sons: Gerard Edwards vocals, Daniele Perini guitar, Marco Simoncelli guitar,Sonny Moylan bass, Henning Brand on drums

Find them here on Facebook:

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Tracey Wilmot

Tracey Wilmot

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