Cherry Cola - A Chat with the Founder of London’s Most Infamous Rock ‘n’ Roll Club Night

Written by Sean Diamond
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Last week, London’s legendary Cherry Cola Club night opened its doors to Liverpool. A new weekly event at The Magnet (to be held every Saturday), it promises to host the crème-de-la-crème of new, unsigned and up and coming live acts, with the occasional A-list band or DJ set thrown in for good measure.
With many promising bands unable to find a voice in a digitised, non-risk taking record business and the closure of independent venues currently sweeping through the UK like a particularly vicious bout of the plague, nights like this can surely only be a good thing when it comes to the promotion of live music and encouraging support for your local scene. I grabbed a chat with Cherry Cola’s founder, Alan Beeby, in the hope of finding out more about the aims and intentions of this venture.

ZANI - Alan, Cherry Cola Club night seems to be expanding beyond its hometown of London. What made you choose Liverpool as a new port of call?

Alan Beeby- The history of some great bands coming out of the town. It was my first choice after London.

ZANI - Can you tell me a little bit about the early days of the night, how you went about setting it up for example?

Alan Beeby- I was bored of not having many places to go to listen to old school rock ‘n’ roll with like- minded people, so I put on a party and just played some tunes in an old strip club in Soho.

ZANI - Was it an active strip club at the time?

Alan Beeby- Closed at weekends, weirdly enough
ZANI - Did you have permission to play there then?

Alan Beeby- Yeah, my friend owned it.

ZANI - When was the first proper club night? Who played?

Alan Beeby- I didn’t do live for the first three or four years, but I had my friend, Lewis, play. He’s Little Barrie’s bass player.

ZANI - You’ve hosted some pretty high profile indie acts. What’s been your personal favourite set so far?

Alan Beeby- Carl Barat and Adam Green together was pretty special, but then also Brian Jonestown Massacre was huge. Also The Cribs doing the’ best of 2007’ set which sold out was amazing too.

ZANI - Who’s been the most difficult band or artist to work with?

Alan Beeby- Haha, I can’t say!

ZANI - You started up the Wonderland music festival in 2014 didn’t you?

Alan Beeby- Yeah, I’m the founder of Hackney and Margate. I do everything mate; booking, artwork, stage managing, promoting. Do the lot, haha!

ZANI - There’s been a lot of talk of venue closures recently. As a promoter, do you think the live scene has a future?

Alan Beeby- I think it does, but people need to look closer at this as if people attend live gigs then naturally the venues stay open, but in my opinion people do not support live music or club nights enough nowadays. Go see your friend’s band and don’t moan about paying five pounds. Really annoys me that, but they will spend a hundred pounds to go see Drake or someone like that.

ZANI - Are you hoping this club night will encourage more people to attend more gigs by unsigned or up and coming bands?

Alan Beeby- Yes, totally. Support your friend’s bands and other people will.

ZANI - Ok, finally, what can we expect on Saturday? Any surprises in store for us?

Alan Beeby- No surprises as such, but every now and again I’ll be bringing huge acts to the Magnet. In the meantime just come along, there’ll be amazing all time classic rock ‘n’ roll and indie on a weekly basis!

For more info on Saturday’s event please head to the club’s Liverpool Facebook page.

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Sean Diamond

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