Darron J Connett Loyalty Lies Reviewed

Written by Matteo Sedazzari
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Loyalty Lies is an album that is on a mission, to show the world of pop that the craft of songwriting, catchy arrangements and strong production is alive and well in the year 2018. Furthermore, Darron J Connett is certainly part of the creative revolution that is challenging the mainstream music industry that it needs a huge shake up.
Main Record Labels should move away from playing safe, Re-issue! Re-package! as predicted by The Smiths in late 1987, in Paint a Vulgar Picture, and heavily invest in up and coming artists.

Educated guess, the revenue generated from a compilation album of a band or artist from yesteryear is going to have huge profit margins with low overheads. There are no recording costs for a start, as the material is in their archives, so it’s just a case of someone walking into the store cupboard, in a manner of speaking, and finding an outtake that never made it to the final production. I am not going to deny I have been swayed to purchase albums of my favourite artists by this emotional marketing strategy.

Therefore, with a lucrative and easy way to implement a business method in place with the majors, how are they going to change their ideology? The answer is simple, for the A ‘n’ R men to discover the passion of the artist again. As it is passion that makes any boy or girl from humble beginnings to create music, be it Bill Hailey, Oasis, and many more.

Darron J Connett and Loyalty Lies certainly has passion in abundance. Opening with Seen It Before, an optimistic pop song lifting the listener’s spirit from the start. Followed by the Dexys Midnight Runner’s inspired catchy number How Dare You and as the song ends, the soulful influenced Falling, cuts in. It is obvious from the onset Connett is serious, ardent and knowledgeable about music. The remainder of Loyalty Lies does not disappoint as each song, be it The Universal Merge or Dancing with My Shadow, has its own musical identity, whether a ballad or an epic pop song, Loyalty Lies is a mesmerising and melodic album, that deserves to expand to a wider audience, so all generations will adore and appreciate the album. For ZANI, as the final song, Rome Will Fall ended, we felt we had been listening to a Phil Spector produced album, in his heyday and well before he got trigger happy.

As ZANI have had the pleasure to know Connett for many years now, it is good to see that his appetite for making music has not dwindled, if anything it has increased. Driven and determined, it is clear, Connett will not give up, and that is an amazing character trait to possess. As mentioned earlier, the majors aren’t investing too much in new artists at this moment in time. Yet we, the people, can, by purchasing their independent produced music, attending their gigs, liking and sharing on Social Media. Let’s create a tour de force with an energy so powerful, that we might just sway the balance of power, ‘You say you want a revolution, Well, you know, we all want to change the world’.

Loyalty Lies Available Here

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Matteo Sedazzari

Matteo Sedazzari

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