A Band Called Death

Written by Andy Mabbutt
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I am a bit late to the party with the new tv revolution in the form of Netflix and Amazon, so I have been playing catch up. Being a huge music fan, I immediately started working my way through the documentaries on James Brown,

Sam Cooke, The Kinks as well as the brilliant series Hip Hop Evolution. I have been slowly running out of things to watch so I reached out on social media for recommendations and straight away a friend came back telling me to watch the documentary about a punk band called Death. Immediately I was intrigued, wondering why I had never heard of this band. 

To my amazement, this story is about three black brothers from Detroit who started a band playing what can only be described as early punk in 1973 at the height of Motown. In the documentary, one of the interviewees describes them as The Ramones but two years early and being an avid vinyl collector I straight on auction sites trying to track down their stuff. 

Having a name like Death at a time when Motown dominated the charts with love songs ultimately held the band back with the oldest of the Hackney brothers refusing to change it as he believed it fitted in with his whole concept. This was literally the death of the band but the story doesn’t end here. This is a truly wonderful watch and I found myself laughing and crying throughout the documentary. If you enjoyed Anvil and Searching For Sugar Man, then you will definitely like this. Like me you will no doubt be digging through record shops searching for their records but be warned you may need a few quid in your pocket.

 A Band Called Death Available Here on Amazon

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Andy Mabbutt

Andy Mabbutt

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