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Written by Johnny Mckeown
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Through a mutual follow on Twitter and a funny reply to a tweet a few months later was how I found out about a young local Kirkcaldy band called The Shambolics at the start of their career. My nephew Dylan who has the same taste in music as myself, not only followed the band but was also good mates with them.

" Uncle John The Shams are fucking amazing” That was all I needed to hear from him and soon after I have seen them at The Duchess, a local pub in their hometown Kirkcaldy. I've been a huge fan ever since to the point my nephew and his mates call me "Uncle Shams", Every time I've seen them live they blow me away.

I wrote on article on ZANI last year saying they'll hit the big time soon if some music lover threw a shitload of cash at them. That’s not an "I told you so" comment on my behalf, it was inevitable for this young band. I've watched and admired them since I first heard of them. The hard work and dedication these young talented musicians have put in the last three years have brought them the success they deserve. Recently signed by Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records and tipped by the man who discovered Oasis to be as big, if not bigger. One thing I do know is the have the musical talent, personality and likeability to be anything they want. I've seen them several times now and the buzz when they play PJ's is incredible. I'd love to write about all the times I've seen them live but I’ll save it for a review of the upcoming PJ's gig. The time I travelled to Manchester though to see them I had the pleasure of sitting backstage before their set along with their good mates Vida. Watching them warm up playing any tune on the acoustic left me speechless and a little bit nervous. I play a little bit guitar but my arse would have gone in front of these young talented musicians if I'd attempted to play a tune. Bigger venues and crowds will enjoy this amazing young band soon but until then they play PJ Malloys on the 21st September in what could be their best gig yet. After that, I can't wait to see them play The Barrowlands.

Here's an interview before their upcoming gig at PJ's.

ZANI Your work ethic is a credit to yourselves but who's gave you the biggest support from the start?

The Shambolics - Our mates have always been the most supportive since the start. They've been there from the very first gig and have followed us ever since. even our biggest crowds we've played for you can see them all at the front going mad. They've been on the journey with us since day one and will be with us till the end. They're incredible, mental and we love them all

ZANI -I think we're at the start of a new musical revolution with lots of good bands around. Who's the best-unsigned band right now?

The Shambolics - Not a band but Gerry Cinnamon is without a doubt the best-unsigned artist out there right now. Unbelievable what he's achieved

ZANI- Who are your musical influences?

The Shambolics -We've got an eclectic taste and like loads of stuff from hip-hop to country. But our main influences are guitar-based bands like The Stone Roses, Beatles, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, The La's and The Stones etc etc

ZANI -What's next for The Shams after the single?

The Shambolics  - Uk tour in November to promote our single with a few more dates to be announced. Then back to the graft as 2020 is going to be a busy year for The Shams

ZANI - Any advice for young talented musicians?

 The Shambolics -Always wear a condom

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Johnny Mckeown

Johnny Mckeown

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