Vanderocker The Good Punk EP Reviewed

Written by Matteo Sedazzari
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The Good Punk, produced by Brandon Eggleston (The Dandy Warhols; Modest Mouse) is the latest EP from Vanderocker, the brainchild of Los Angeles resident Adrienne Vanderocker, who boasts a rich classical musical background that originates from her Dutch family who resided in ‘The Live Music Capital of the World’, Austin, Texas.

The State’s capital, famous for its vivacious music scene, a place that former Small Face Ian McLagan called home before his passing on 3rd December 2014.

Along with the release of The Good Punk, Adrienne and co are just about to film a 1920’s-Esque sensual short entitled ‘Cult for You’. Moreover, their press release assures that all social distancing will be observed during the making of the project. If Vanderocker ’s EP is an indication of their talent the short film is bound to be stimulating and intelligent.

Vanderocker who hails as L.A.'s 'indie queen, was a performance artist who cites a variety of musical genres as her inspiration; roadhouse blues, trip-hop, avant-garde, electro, indie pop, and much more. Being enthused by different fields of music, to me, is key for any musician’s development as new melodies and beats feed the mind with fresh vibes.

The Good Punk, which is an excellent edgy title, as you ask yourself what is a good punk, a dedicated follower of fashion, a singer in a punk band, one that is driven by the DIY Culture of Punk? The list is vast and positive, as it is all about being creative in a fun and fulfilling way.

As the EP demonstrates the originality that Punk has given the world, opening with Cult for You (the title of up and coming short film), which is described by Adrienne as earthly pleasure, is certainly a pleasure to listen to. A nod to the New Wave music of 1978, the genre that emerged from the Punk of 1976 and 1977, a well-crafted pop song, with a catchy in your face chorus, as Adrienne has a cutting and hypnotic vocal style, who knows when to use her vocal range against the backdrop of jangling guitars that echo the surf music of the 60s.

As Cult for You fades out, Endless City fades in, with a bass line that reminded me of The Beatles’ Come Together, but maybe that’s just me, as I love The Beatles. The powerhouse drums push the pulsating bass, the whirling guitars join in with purpose, then Adrienne’s sweet (I don’t mean sugar sweet) voice takes the track up a level. Taking Notes is the third track, I viewed this as a pop art number, a beat poem in unison with a nicely strummed guitar. A beautiful song.

Supercell is the fourth track, that uses the bass line like a guitar riff, think Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order, Steven Severin of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Dave Allen then Sara Lee of Gang of Four. Original bassists, that created their own unique style, that gave these mentioned bands their distinctive sound. As the bass punches out the lick, the guitars, drums, and vocals blend, to create Vanderocker ’s distinguishing resonance.

Then, as a treat, the EP closes with an instrumental version of Taking Notes, which brings The Good Punk to a pleasant conclusion.

Overall The Good Punk is a multi-layered, vibrant, atmospheric, and ambient collection of songs that are poignant yet poppy, well-structured songs with the harmonic feel of late 60s psychedelic Haight Ashbury and the anxiety of 1976 New York’s CBGB’s.

Well worth a listen, uplifting yet apprehensive music – ten out of ten.

The Good Punk is out on 13th November on Mint 400 Records

Vanderocker Official Site

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Matteo Sedazzari

Matteo Sedazzari

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