Neil Lennon – We Can Ask Why

Written by Paul Gallagher
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First things first. I am a Celtic fan and proud of it but I’m not stupid enough to write about this with a one-sided point of view. What is happening to Neil Lennon, Paddy McCourt, Nial McGinn and various members of the Celtic community by a few low educated scumbags is totally wrong. Who in their right mind sends bullets, death threats and NAIL bombs in the post to a football manager or football players

Where are they coming from?

What has Neil Lennon done to anyone? He is a Catholic from Lurgan, Co Armagh, this is why it's happening, it's plain bigotry, allowed to fester in a city that has serious issues with peoples different religions.

The abuse he has had to suffer for playing for Celtic, playing for Northern Ireland and managing Celtic is unbelievable in any day and age, never mind the so called civilised democratic country that is Scotland in 2011, nobody bothered when he played for Leicester, Crewe or Manchester City.

This doesn’t surprise me about Scotland. Glasgow is far worse than modern day Belfast

Being a fan of either of the old firm can get you in serious bother at the best of times. I just find the hypocrisy of it all dumbfounding.

Many years ago I was in Ayrshire on a Saturday night as Celtic were to play Rangers at Hampden on a Sunday afternoon. To pass the time we played some dominoes, cash was put down on the table, the police came to the pub, someone in the bar said we were collecting funds for a terrorist organisation.  This is Scotland, it's mental and absurd, it was dominoes for fucks sake, but some people take things to the wire.

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The media and government of Scotland have a lot to answer for.  Neil Lennon and his family have had to endure 3 months of this rubbish. His young family have been moved to various safe houses around the City, and has anyone been brought to justice, NO. Why? Because certain people think this is acceptable. If the boot was on the other foot, Celtic fans would be rounded up and thrown into the North Sea or worse

A teenage footballer from Berwick Rangers had his contract terminated for posting on Twitter that he would like to have seen a parcel bomb KILL Neil Lennon. Aanother teenage footballer from Clyde has had his contract squashed and two more players from Motherwell and St Mirren are under investigation

The Berwick Rangers player was the under 17 Captain…SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD, what is happening with society today?

David Cameron and various ministers can come out and say they are appalled at this but what gets done?  NOTHING.

Celtic and Rangers FC both have a part to play in stamping out bigotry, but it must start in the home and in schools, and maybe sooner rather than later we’ll see an end to this unwanted evil behaviour.

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