Tickets for The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is Now on Sale

Written by Bob Rogers
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This year one of the most controversial sports events in recent years will take place.

The World Cup in Qatar. Marred by the FIFA corruption scandal and the poor work conditions of immigrant guest workers, several countries have considered a boy cut off from the tournament. Some might change their opinion and now the tickets are on sale at the lowest price for a World Cup in recent times.

The World Cup in Qatar will be the first not to take place during May, June, and July and the first to take place in the Arabic world. With tickets now on sale it is much anticipated how many people will apply for tickets and which upcoming stars will shine in the competition.

At the moment 13 countries have qualified for the finals, which means that there are still 19 places up for grabs. The last teams will not be found until June and with the ticket application portal closing on the 8th of February most teams' supporters will not know if their national side qualifies before they apply.

Apply for Your National Side

Luckily, there is a team-specific ticket series that makes it possible to apply for matches for all the national sides still in contention for a spot at the World Cup. The cheapest third-tier tickets will cost 250 Qatari riyals, which is the equivalent of 50 pounds. This is significantly lower than the cheapest tickets at the World Cup in Russia, which were 77 pounds.

Still, many supporters prefer to stay at home due to Qatar's controversial hosting. Staying home will make it possible for the supporters of the team to do something that is connected to football. Sports Betting. In Qatar all kinds of betting are illegal. Have you ever tried to bet online? If not, you can try it out at and get familiar with the art of playing football before the Finals start.

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Immigrant Workers Watching from the Stands

In a not exactly football-mad country with only 2.8 million inhabitants, it may be hard to sell a lot of the available 1.5 million tickets for the locals even though the ticket price for Qatari residents will be below. At just 40 Qatari Riyals (8 pounds) for the cheapest tickets in category four, it will be the cheapest at a World Cup since 2-pound seats were sold in Mexico in 1986.

It will be hard to fill up every seat at the World Cup and this might benefit some of the emigrant workers, who have worked on the stadiums. At the Track and Field World Championships in Qatar in 2019, the organizers had a hard time filling up the stadium.

When the organizers realized that they could not sell all the tickets, they gave out free ones for the emigrant workers. If sales fail once again, they will most likely stick to the same solution. This might be seen as showing goodwill, but with 6,500 migrant workers dying since Qatar was awarded the hosting of the tournament, it won’t wash away their disgraceful working conditions and the controversial World Cup in Qatar.

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