Best of British: Greatest Movies of All Time

Written by Ian Park
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Best of British: Greatest Movies of All Time

The United Kingdom has created some of the best films and some of the world's most creative individuals. Legendary filmmakers from Britain's film business include Tom Hooper, Guy Richie, and Rachel Talalay, who helped produce many of cinema's most famous films.

Guy Ritchie’s gangster comedy-drama The Gentlemen movie, Trainspotting, and all the James Bond films are just a few films that have supplied fans with some great entertainment thanks to their excellent actor performances and beautifully constructed narratives. Below we take a closer look at some more great British classics.

Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels

Guy Ritchie has directed some of the most well-known films in history, including Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. This brilliantly made 1998 film follows Eddy and his criminal companions Tom, Soap, and Bacon as they go into debt to the brutal mobster Hatchet Harry. Eddy and his pals lose a poker match against Harry and he gives them just one week to pay back £500,000. If you fancy yourself a bit of a gambler, you don’t have to get involved in the underground gambling world because nowadays, it can be done safely and securely from our homes. With so many casinos online, you have a wide range you can choose from. You can discover lots of classic games like blackjack or roulette, or even try games inspired by British characters like James Bond With over 1,200 verified casinos online you can be sure to find something to your taste and needs. Some sites offer slots in the UK, bonuses, promotions, and even online poker. The advantage of playing online alone is that there will be no terrifying gangster waiting for your earnings at the end!

The Full Monty

During a period of economic chaos and rage, The Full Monty is a fine example of British cinema's ability to tackle gloomy topics through humour. The cast is fantastic, especially headliner Robert Carlyle, who is fascinating, eccentric, and instantly recognisable. Their voyage touches both the heart and the funny bone, and the music, which includes "You Sexy Thing", gives a memorable backdrop to the action.

As we build towards their ultimate goal - to perform the "whole Monty" —there's a tremendous feeling of suspense throughout, which heightens the stress and highlights this group's wonderful chemistry.

Wallace And Gromit — A Close Shave

Nick Park's claymation hits have enchanted audiences with their funny narratives, and Wallace And Gromit are renowned for some of Britain's best-loved cartoons. A Close Shave, one of their most successful films, has Wallace faced with establishing Gromit's innocence when his pet dog is accused of killing a flock of sheep.

The film is a light-hearted and satirical adventure for the plasticine duo, with Gromit getting in trouble with the police. This hilarious journey is full of plot twists, and there is an entertaining romantic subplot between Wallace and Wendolene. It is one of Aardman Animations' greatest efforts ever!


Snatch, another outstanding film directed by Guy Ritchie is a fast-paced gangster film released in 2000. It follows two boxing promoters who become involved in a diamond theft after agreeing to assist the infamous criminal mastermind Big Top in fixing the results of a boxing match.

Ritchie's film is a gleefully violent comedy adventure in which Turkish and Tommy find themselves unexpectedly in London's criminal underworld. In addition to Guy Ritchie’s dark humour, the film's writing is superb, with a colourful cast of characters providing us with a truly entertaining movie. The film appears on IMDBs list of best-rated British movies.

Billy Elliot

This Stephen Daldry-directed film from 2000 is as heart-breaking as it is wonderful and inspiring. Billy Elliot is the story of an 11-year-old boy growing up in 1980s northern England. Billy discovers a passion for ballet and decides to pursue it even though his father disapproves. His father is a coal miner who does not want his son to be mocked for becoming a dancer, and emotions are high at home as a result of the 1984 miners' strike. Billy Elliot is a masterpiece and a must-watch if you haven’t already seen it.

Withnail and I

Withnail and I, one of the great British films, is partially based on writer and director Bruce Robinson's life in London during the 1960s. The story is based on the lives of Withnail (Richard E. Grant) and "I" (Paul McGann), two unemployed performers living in Camden in the late 1960s. The two decide to rent a Lake District rural home. They then proceed on a very drunken and hilarious ride to their vacation cottage, which is not exactly as restful as they had hoped.

Withnail and I has gained a cult following since its premiere. It is one of the most cited films of all time in the United Kingdom. In true British style, there is also a drinking game based on the film!

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