From Table to Tablet: The Evolution of Gaming

Written by Ian Park
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From Table to Tablet: The Evolution of Gaming Source: Pexels

From the very first table game (the two-player race game The Royal Game of Ur, which was played in Ancient Mesopotamia in around 2,600 BC), gaming has evolved incredibly over the years.

There has always been an appetite for wholesome fun and competition in a communal environment. In the slightly more modern era, chess became the go-to table game for generations, with backgammon and dominoes also taking hold. Then card games and board games took on the mantle of traditional play, with this list produced by Reader's Digest highlighting some of the most popular. 

As technology has developed in recent years, so has the gaming industry. The world of mobile gaming is one that would not have possibly been imagined by those battling the Game of Ur in the Persian Gulf over 4,000 years ago.

Gaming in the Modern World 

Nowadays, next-gen consoles offer incredible 'real-life' graphics, with many of the titles featured in GamesRadar's latest rundown of forthcoming games possessing visuals that look close to reality and are worlds away from the types of board games enjoyed even just 20 years ago. Mobile devices are quickly catching up when it comes to this kind of technology too. 

But for all these technological advancements, the idea of playing classic games like the aforementioned chess, card games like poker, blackjack, and bingo have all stood the test of time. This is because developers have succeeded in their attempts to find new ways of bringing such games to the mobile era, where they can be enjoyed by new types of players. 

This is where platforms like Buzz Bingo can provide a lot of choices for the modern online player looking for a new twist on classic games. Not only are there live bingo events with the usual jackpot prizes you would expect, but there is also a large variety of different bingo mini-games to play including some based on popular TV shows like Deal Or No Deal and The Voice. Wide and varied options for poker, blackjack and slot games all in one place also appeal to players' convenience.    

Social Gaming

The huge strides being made in smartphone improvements now enable gamers to meet up on mobile devices over an Internet connection to play a wide variety of classic games like bingo, whilst being able to interact with each other.

Being able to play online revamps of classic gaming staples that have been reimagined in apps on mobile devices powered by Android and iOS has now become so regular and popular that the amount of options available is huge. You can play Go Fish on Facebook Messenger calls or have hilarious battles of Fibbage and Quiplash using Zoom, there really is an unlimited amount of choice for social gaming.

Virtual play has managed to maintain the basic premise of playing a competitive game, and the age-old classics like card games and bingo have been swept along with it.  

 gambling 2 2

                          Source: Pixabay

Meeting virtually and still being able to enjoy friendly competition, or simply taking on challengers on a mobile device, has not diminished the original impact made centuries ago by those very first game players. No matter how it is done, simply playing a game is the important part. 


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